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Combining technology, art, and social ecology to envision a future for the environment and for local communities.

Both as a process, and as an exhibition, the [HUMAN:NATURE] project is set at the crossroads of environmental study and socially-aware art practice.

In the Summer of 2013, a team of four will spend one month interviewing the 30 families on the island of Megijima, Japan, documenting their stories in connection with the island’s landscape. Through these investigations, and interactions, the project represents a starting point for re-imagining our roles within the vital social and ecological support systems of community and agriculture.

Exhibition Dates

July 20 — August 18
Setouchi International Triennale
MEGI House and Ryusen-So
Megi-cho, Takamatsu, Japan

August 25 — September 8

Aichi Triennale

Aichi University of Arts Museum
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


Patrick Lydon (USA) – Project Leader; MFA Student, Edinburgh Collge of Art
Suhee Kang (Korea) – Portraits
Johann Barbie (Germany) – Software
Songyi Lee (Korea) – Social Design


Professor Isao Suiz (Aichi University of Art), Ross McLean (Edinburgh College of Art), Kei Toh, and Setouchi’s Team Koebi

This project is arranged through a partnership between The University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh College of Art (Scotland), Aichi University of Arts (Japan), with help from the Setouchi International Triennale.


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