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23 May - 23 July

events and workshops on

art, food, and nature

with artists in residence

patrick lydon (USA) suhee kang (Korea)


You walk into an empty 'restaurant' with no cook, no dinnerware, and no food, and order dinner. The waiter tells you “thank you, please come back in several weeks, after we grow your food.”

This is opening event of REALtimeFOOD, a two month series of community events hosted by Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang, an ecological artist team who are in Osaka to explore our connections with food and nature in the city. 

All workshops and events are based on「ギフト経済」and include:

  • 'REALtime' dinner

  • urban gardening

  • community eco-art exhibition

  • weekly nature art workshops every Saturday morning

Let's come together to enjoy community, nature & art in the urban garden!








15 MAY – 23 JULY

Ongoing Open Garden! Visit us any time to participate!

20 JUNE – 7pm | RealTimeFood Dinner Ordering*

27 JUNE – 10am | Soil Art Workshop

4 JULY – 10am | Flower Art Workshop (part 1)

11 JULY – 10am | Nature Feeling Drawing Workshop

18 JULY – 10am | Flower Art Workshop (part 2)

24 JULY– 5pm | Nature Art Exhibition

7pm | RealTimeFood Dinner Eating


Made possible with support from:

Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka

All events are based on「ギフト経済」and open to the public!

Events take place at


phone: 06-6654-8830




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